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Since mid-December 2009, BTG Neuss has been active as a logistics service provider for MariaSole GmbH, Düsseldorf. Over the past few years, the company „MariaSole“, which only started operating in 2007, has earned itself an excellent reputation on the market as a provider of particularly well
digestible and excellent tasting premium espresso coffee. This was achieved through choosing a special range of green coffee suppliers and also through a particularly gentle drum roasting procedure over olive tree wood, a procedure which only a few selected manufacturers in Italy – the home of the company founder Mariella Krebs – are capable of doing.

To ensure a smooth transport process from the arrival of the green coffee in Hamburg up to the delivery to the manufactures in Italy and the subsequent collection in Italy, the transport to the logistics warehouse and delivery to the delicatessen stores, MariaSole has decided to assign BTG Neuss as their freight forwarder.

In addition to the mere transport activities, it is mainly logistics services that are called for.
These include the organisation and maintenance of a bonded warehouse for the excisable product coffee, as well as all the procedures necessary in a logistics warehouse, starting with the incoming goods and the corresponding quality control, and continuing with packaging, kitting and com-missioning.

BTG Neuss is proud to have MariaSole, a provider of premium products, as a customer. With their product “MariaSole Caffè Espresso”, MariaSole won the TASTE ’07 award at the Anuga 2007, for the “most innovative European espresso coffee” and already has notable addresses such as the Saudi royal family on their list of clients.

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