Partnerships must be cultivated!

BTG PartnereventThe solid and around 40-years-old cooperation between BTG and LASER is the basis for the many daily traffic lines between Germany and Great Britain!
We offer 24-hour and 48-hour express services with a perfect nationwide delivery network. Through „Webtrack“, our customers can reliably track the delivery status of their consignment on the LASER homepage.
Of course such a longstanding partnership has to be especially cultivated.
Therefore a total of 32 colleagues from Great Britain (LASER Hythe, Coventry, Swindon) and Germany (BTG Bremen, Frankfurt, Neuss, Plochingen, Augsburg) came together in Stuttgart for a general meeting and exchange of views.
Existing business was discussed; constructive and creative ideas for further expansion of traffic lines were developed…. and of course time was taken to do some sightseeing and generally spend time together!
A big plus of this partnership is certainly that on both sides the staff members have been working for their respective company for an average of 13 years! This fact is definitely not common in this day and age and reflects an obviously harmonious and well structured working atmosphere.
We are looking forward to further exciting and successful years, in which we will continually strive to expand our joint, comprehensive range of services, to meet the current needs of our customers.

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