BTG Hamburg has moved to new Premises

BTG HamburgOn 1st January 2013, after seven successful years at 114 Grossmannstrasse, BTG Hamburg moved to its new premises at 16 Peutestrasse.
In this new and modern logistics facility – in addition to our already successful service sectors of international air and sea freight and European and domestic road transports - we can now also offer one-stop high-quality warehousing and logistics services!

With 850 m² of office space and a storage utility area of 5,044 m² (with a warehouse interior maximum height of 10.5 m up to the roof truss), the new forwarding facility offers both ourselves and our clients a great deal of potential for mutual further development.
The entire facility is monitored by an alarm system and with the premises being completely fenced in, having separate gates for entrance and exit, we are in a position to implement and ensure a selective access control in accordance with the requirements of AEO.
The logistics building is equipped with a sprinkler system and through special safety measures, also enables us to handle and store goods, which fall under the WHC (water hazard class).

In addition to conventional warehousing using floor storage or shelving racks, the warehouse interior height of 10.5 m means that we can offer our clients more effective storage using a high-rack storage system.
The delivery and collection of the goods is carried out over 11 rear-flush hydraulic ramps or a covered side-ramp for long goods.
In addition, we have set up an integrated bonded warehouse in order to offer our clients a comparable alternative to the privileges of the free port, which have been dropped in 2013 and enable tax-free storage of their products.

Our focus lies not only on the field of warehouse logistics. We have also expanded our portfolio especially in the areas of contract logistics, value added services, supply chain concepts as well as procurement and distribution logistics and in close cooperation with our clients, we have developed complete logistics package solutions, tailored to meet their needs. As far as warehousing is concerned, in addition to loading/unloading activities, these solutions may also include goods handling, inventory, picking & packing, inspection of incoming goods, exchange of empties, processing of returns and repacking work.

These sectors are already being successfully implemented in the various branch offices of the BTG Group and this enables BTG Hamburg, in addition to normal transport services, to offer clients the full range of logistic services.
Of course we are also able to communicate directly or through interfaces with the company software of our clients.

The construction of the new logistics facility was carried out in accordance with the highest ecological criteria, with the aim of being awarded the “Silver Certificate” of DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). This was achieved for example thanks to the high thermal insulation façade construction of the warehouse, the passive construction of the office building with triple glazing, the heating and cooling of the offices through CCC (concrete core cooling) coupled with a terrestrial heating system on the basis of geothermal energy, as well as automatic daylight control of the lighting in the warehouse and office area.

A certification by DGNB is already wide-spread in the industry in general, however as far as logistics real estate is concerned BTG Hamburg is one of very few companies on the German market who can present their customers with such an environmental certificate.

We would be more than pleased to support you in your projects with our versatile range of services and are at your disposal for any queries you may have.

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