BTG Plochingen launches a new partnership in Lyon

BTG PlochingenOn 1st February, a new partnership between BTG Plochingen and Cee-Inter in the 650 km distant St. Priest near Lyon began.
Several times a week export consignments are being transported from Plochingen to Lyon: - the same applies for import consignments from France to Germany.
Cee-Inter, managed by Director Alain Pascutto, is a medium-sized company with around 30 employees and has been working successfully in the freight forwarding market for many years, mainly operating in Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux, the UK and Switzerland.
In St. Priest, which has 42,500 inhabitants and is situated just off the southbound motorway and in close proximity to the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport, Cee-Inter has its own 4,000 m² warehouse and organizes collections as well as deliveries within a radius of around 200 km, i.e. as far away as Dijon, Clermont Ferrand, Valence or Grenoble and of course, primarily directly in Lyon.
As the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region with nearly half a million inhabitants, Lyon - behind Paris and Marseille - is the third largest city in France and has more to offer than just excellent food and wines such as Beaujolais or Côtes du Rhône.
The automotive industry, pharmaceutical production, the production of sports equipment - many of these business sectors are located in Lyon and so it is not surprising that there is a lively flow of goods going to and from Germany and in particular Baden Württemberg, where these industrial sectors play an equally important role, with France being one of the three strongest trading-partner nations.

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