BTG takes an Interest in the Plight of Refugees

BTG KemptenWith the extension of our freight forwarding facility in Kempten, the demand for manpower has also increased.
Taking a very practical approach to the matter we decided to contact the local authorities in Lauben at the beginning of June – after all, refugees looking for work live only roughly 500 m away from our offices…..
Obviously a win-win situation for all concerned!
Our initial concerns about possible „bureaucratic“ obstacles in dealing with employing refugees on a mini-job basis remained unfounded, thanks to the uncomplicated cooperation with the local authorities and the Administrative District Office of Oberallgäu.
With Joseph Byarugaba and Ivan Katende (both originating from Uganda) BTG Kempten has gained two extremely hardworking, punctual and conscientious workers for its team. Within such a short time they have been seamlessly integrated into the BTG team and are already indispensable here.
The whole issue of „refugees“ must certainly be contemplated in a differentiated manner; however from our current perspective we can only report positively on our experiences and are not afraid to recommend to our colleagues and other employers that they should also consider employing asylum seekers!
Fears and reservations are misplaced ...
... because helping is sometimes much easier than you think!

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