BTG now also certified for Environmental Management


The Quality Management Team of BTG Internationale Spedition GmbH and BTG Warehouse Services GmbH was able to smoothly convert to the reformed quality standard ISO 9001: 2015.

This transformation of the quality management system moves away from rigid
bureaucracy with its multitude of forms and at the same time creates scope to contemplate the resulting opportunities. In the process, socio-ecological aspects come to the fore, allowing these sectors to also be structured through the management system.

The decision to introduce DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 was therefore quickly made. Over the past few years, we have already had our management structures objectively reviewed in terms of sustainability and compliance through platforms such as EcoVadis and NQC and have received positive reviews.

The incorporation of the environmental and quality standards together into an integrated management system (IMS) enables through its standardized format – the high-level-structure - a straightforward supplementation with further components, such as compliance, energy, occupational protection and industrial safety, etc.

A large number of measures carried out by BTG to reduce environmental pollution and conserve resources have already been visibly implemented in old and new buildings, in our procedures and in environmentally relevant

For example, five years ago BTG Hamburg moved to an environmentally friendly forwarding facility! The office building was built in passive-house design and the warehouse was built with thermal insulating facade construction including daylight-dependent lighting.

The German Sustainable Building Council‘s associated award „DGNB Silver“ was also awarded to BTG Olching’s property in the MULTIPARK Olching, which was completed in 2013.

Also back in 2013, the “ground-breaking” ceremony for a new forwarding facility in Plochingen took place. The facility has a PV-system on the roof of its 5,000 m² warehouse. Since its completion in April 2014, the electricity generated by sunlight more than covers the energy requirements of BTG Plochingen and the surplus of alternative energy is constantly fed into the public grid.

However, the implementation of BTG’s environmental ideas is not only reflected in these new buildings. All other existing properties are also being examined for more efficient use of resources.

For instance, in 2017 the warehouses at BTG Neuss and BTG Augsburg were completely equipped with new LED tubes (fluorescent tubes), which are 50% more economical and much brighter than the old ones.

Taking influence on the exhaust gas classification of our trucks and the means and modes of transport we choose, or the implementation of environmentally-friendly packaging materials, or the avoidance of waste, etc. are all matters of great importance.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our employees and in addition to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate, we can now also proudly present the environmental certificate ISO 14001: 2015!

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