Executive Management

Matthias Ciecierski

Members of the Board

Stefanie Gerken, Andreas Gamper, Saverio Sticozzi, Steffen Achenbach

BTG in Germany and the rest of Europe

BTG is situated at 12 locations in Germany and has branch offices or shareholdings in Germany, Slovenia and France. We employ around 500 people and manage 130,000 sqm of warehouse space in Germany alone. Together with our subsidiaries and associated companies, we generate an annual turnover of over Euro 160 million. BTG shareholdings:

  • BTG mednarodna spedicija in logistika d.o.o., Maribor / Slovenia – www.btg.si
  • BTG Warehouse Services GmbH, Bobingen / Germany
  • Currie European S.A.S., Marly la Ville / France – www.curriesolutions.com 
  • p.ressle Internationale Spedition GmbH, Schongau / Germany – www.ressle-spedition.de 
  • VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH, Fulda / Germany – www.vtl.de 

A look back to the past

In 1973, the foundation of BTG Bavaria Transport GmbH by Klaus Rauch (†2001) was the starting signal for our wide-ranging activities today. Throughout the years, our head office has remained in Langweid near Augsburg.