Reaching a destination safely thanks to creative solutions. 

Whether shipping heavy goods to Novosibirsk, volume transport to Lindau or transporting oversized consignments to Dallas – we can support you with our many years of experience and tireless commitment. 

BTG Internationale Spedition carries out national and pan-European special transports of all kinds by land as well as worldwide by sea and air. 

We will support you in the individual planning and implementation, long before collection and well beyond customs clearance. 

Our services 

  • Advice on the choice of Incoterms for the contract with your customer
  • Recommended / mandatory packaging 
  • Choice of the best possible vehicle type
  • Transport insurance coverage customised to suit the cargo 
  • Obtaining special / individual permits; if required, route checking 
  • Obtaining escort vehicles / scheduling police escorts 
  • Organisation of handling at the port / airport
  • Choosing the best possible shipping option / airline 
  • Observance of and compliance with customs regulations – also in the country of destination 
  • Advice on the necessary (export) documents (if required, also issuing documents) 
  • Preparation of freight documents conforming to the letter of credit
  • Observance / compliance with country-specific regulations 
  • Completion of import customs clearance in the country of destination (where applicable temporary import)
  • Unloading and delivery to your customer 
  • Support during the entire transport process from our global partners and agents, who meet our quality requirements for special transports
  • Permanent monitoring of adherence to deadlines and the entire process as a whole

Projects that are worth mentioning: