BTG – A SPONSOR OF THE “Bunte Kreis”
(English: “Colourful Circle”)

Support for families with seriously ill children

For many years now, BTG has been supporting children’s charities and projects all over the world, as well as campaigns especially for disabled and seriously ill children in Germany. Years ago, we became aware of the “Bunte Kreis” in Augsburg, a support organisation for families of children with cancer or other serious and chronical illnesses. We spontaneously decided to also support this initiative through an annual donation.

This campaign turned into a permanent commitment. In the meantime, BTG has been one of the main sponsors of the “Bunter Kreis” in Augsburg for more than 15 years now and in so doing contributes significantly to securing the basis for this important, compassionate and professional support. Our financial support is supplemented by other campaigns that are spread throughout the year and our employees are also happy to participate in these campaigns.

The concept of the “Bunte Kreis” is sustainable. This is confirmed by the number of young patients and their parents who have already been helped. The commitment with which existing offers of help are expanded and new projects are tackled also documents this. All this speaks for a continuous development in the interest of the families in need.

The “Bunte Kreis” is also successful beyond Augsburg. Today, many “spin-offs” of this institution exist throughout Germany. Soon there will be a “Bunte Kreis” initiative at the location of every BTG branch office.

In this respect we sincerely hope that our employees can be proud of BTG and that the “Bunte Kreis” can continue to work successfully for the benefit of these families.

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