Plan B: Spectacular air cargo shipment to Seoul/South Korea

From a sea freight enquiry to a complete air freight charter …

Shortly after we received the enquiry for the sea freight transport of an installation from a renowned mechanical engineering client in southern Germany to Seoul/South Korea, it became clear that the only way to avoid a contractual penalty would be to send the consignment by air freight.

However, the enormous dimensions only permitted loading the shipment onto an Antonov, the world’s largest cargo transport aircraft. Since the costs for the charter were far beyond our client’s budget, we set about finding a way out of this dilemma. Our experienced Air Freight Manager’s idea to dismantle parts of the equipment and the ensuing discussion with our client led to the solution. In cooperation with a packaging professional, a master plan for the whole loading process was then developed.

A cargo aircraft type Ilyushin IL-76 was the solution for this Plan B. Thus, the over 10 m long and over 4 m high machine found its place on board – admittedly with only 10 cm room to spare.  In comparison: even on a Boeing-747 freight aircraft, the cargo hatch would have been 4 cm too low. As aircrafts of this type have no landing permission in Germany, the loading took place via Brno airport in the Czech Republic, which, in contrast to Prague, could confirm the technical requirements needed in order to load the 16-t heavy machine.

In comparison to using an Antonov, this solution saved 50% of the costs. To the great satisfaction of our client, the consignment arrived in Seoul as planned the day after loading.

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