XXL sea freight to Chile

True to the motto „larger, wider, heavier“, BTG organised a special transport to Chile.

We were commissioned to ship an 80-t heavy slag transporter, measuring 12 m long, 7.33 m wide and 4.45 m high, from our customer’s premises in Ulm to the world’s largest copper mine in Chuquicamata/Chile.

The slag transporter set off on the first leg of its journey from Ulm to the inland port of Plochingen on a special low-loader. There it was transhipped onto an inland waterway vessel for the onward transport via the rivers Neckar and Rhine to Antwerp in Belgium. By means of a special heavy-lift vessel belonging to the BBC shipping company, the roughly 35-day long sea voyage was then carried out to the Chilean port of Puerto Angamos. From there, again by special low-loader, the last leg of the journey to the final destination in the Atacama Desert was completed.

With the support of our network partners UCOMAR in Belgium and NOATUM Logistics in Chile, we were able to ensure a smooth door-to- door transport process, despite some adverse restrictions due to the cargo’s formidable dimensions.