Heavy cargo to Oman

No fear of big challenges!

How do you transport two slag pot carriers, which are each 11.98 m long, 7.73 m wide, 4.35 m high and weigh a total of approx. 178 t, from Ulm to Sohar in Oman?

This was the question we – together with our long-standing customer, KAMAG Transporttechnik in Ulm – were faced with.

Due to the significant overall dimensions of the vehicles, the only option was to disassemble them before transport. The various items – a total of 19 packages – were delivered by low-loader from Ulm to the packing shed in Hamburg, where – under the direction of BTG – they were expertly stowed on eight 40′ flat racks and then shipped via Jeddah / Saudi Arabia to the port of Sohar / Oman for delivery to a local steelworks comany there.

So, no fear of big challenges! We can find a solution for practically any transport problem.