High-quality robot systems to Australia

On behalf of Buck Engineering & Consulting GmbH (BEC) the BTG Air & Sea Freight Team organised a transport to Geelong, Australia.

It involved a 20-foot flat rack container and a 20-foot open-side container. High-quality robotic systems were transported and had to be delivered to the end customer.

Prior to planning the transports, the loading conditions at the customer’s premises were checked, in order to arrange the right vehicle for loading. A side loader was chosen, that could load the containers independently. Due to the goods’ sensitivity, a transport route with the minimum possible transhipment was chosen.

The goods were loaded from Wörth am Rhein to Antwerp and then on to Melbourne.

In addition to handling the sea freight, BTG also supported BEC in preparing the accompanying export documents.

Later, further containers were shipped to Australia. For more information on Buck Engineering & Consulting GmbH, please visit www.b-e-c.de

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