BTG Plochingen – Heavy transports… made easy!

In the springtime, our office in Plochingen once again put its expertise in the field of heavy and oversized transports to the test.

Our long-standing customer, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG, known as one of the leading manufacturers of hot- and cold-chamber die casting machines, die casting moulds, automation accessories as well as complete solutions for the die casting industry, entrusted us with three heavy-load transports within one month.

The cold chamber die casting machines DAK 720 measuring 880 x 230 x 285 cm and weighing 33,300 kg, as well as the DAK 880 measuring 935 x 240 x 295 cm and weighing 36,800 kg were transported by special low-loader via the ferry service Toulon-Istanbul to their final destination in Istanbul. BTG’s services included the complete customs export handling procedure, as well as coordinating with the local consignee.

Shortly thereafter, BTG was commissioned with the transport of the „big brother“ machine, the DAK 1600 measuring 580 x 250 x 290 cm and weighing 61,000 kg. In addition, four more full truckloads carrying dismantled individual parts of this machine were transported directly to a construction site in Uxbridge/Great Britain.

Part of the authorities’ requirements for these oversized transports included police escorts and even some bridge closures. However, this was no obstacle for BTG, and the machines were all transported to their final destination intact and on schedule.

In recent years BTG Plochingen has been able to gain the trust of renowned world market leaders in the construction machinery and mechanical engineering industry for their abnormal and heavy load transports. Our customers appreciate our commitment, our know-how and the flexibility of our staff!

Let us convince you too. Put us to the test!